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Simple Dough Maker

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Hello! Welcome to the Simple Dough Maker, a simple way to farm gold. Making dough is a free to play available activity that has no requirements and no restrictions. The dough market in OSRS is highly liquid which allows for quick and easy profits even for a larger farm. The Simple Dough Maker takes advantage of all of these facts and leverages them all in your favor through a simple and easy to use bot.


The Simple Dough Maker should start in any bank. The bank should contain pots of flour as well as any container of water for the script to make dough with. After that, simply run the bot, select the type of dough you would like, the type of water container you have in the bank, and let the Simple Dough Maker do the rest. When your character runs out of pots of flour or water, the script will automatically log out and stop.


Currently the Simple Dough Maker supports the following dough:

-Pastry Dough

-Bread Dough

-Pizza Base

As well as the following water sources:

-Jug of Water

-Bucket of Water

-Bowl of Water




If you find a bug, have a suggestion, or have any other pressing matters that involve me please feel free to reach out on this forum topic or by PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Thanks for using the Simple Dough Maker, happy botting!


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