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Spidine Killer

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Spidine Killer 1.0

Created by Juiced308


-Supports Kandarin Monastery, prays at altar

-Supports Quick prayers - have quick prayers pre-selected (Ultimate Strength and/or Incredible Reflexes recommended)

-Supports Super Attack / Strength potions for improved kills/hr

-Supports World hopping if another player is within the Spidine Lair

-Supports Custom breaking system


Set up Start script while wearing desired combat gear in Castle Wars bank and it will walk to the bank chest to gear up.

Note: Must have Ardougne cloak 2 and ring of dueling equipped!!!



 - Diaries Ardougne Medium


 - Levels Decent combat stats 40 / 40 / 40 minimum


 - Items

     Combat related: Decent melee gear (w/ prayer bonus recommended), Super attack, Super strength potions, and your choice of food to heal


     Teleports: Ardougne cloak 2, ring of dueling


     Spidine farming: minimum of 14 Raw Sardine, and 14 Red spiders eggs


Disclaimer: I am quitting OSRS and wanted to release some scripts from my collection. I haven't used this script in a while so my recommendation is to baby sit it for a few moments to make sure it actually still works as intended! I say let the SF community have access to them 😉  Enjoy

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