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Price Check For Max “Pure”

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Looking for a price check for this account, Wont be supplying the email as it's a personal email for other things but the email can be changed for the account in terms of recovery anyway.

The account has minimal value remaining ~3m, mostly from untradeables.
Has the ability to easily access 2k total worlds should you decide to get defence up or even become a beast of a PK build should you decide to go down the route of completing quests making it into a Zerker.

Notable things:
Farming pet - Insured
All skilling outfits with the exception of the angler/graceful recolours, Construction & Farming outfits.
Gem, Coal & Expert Mining gloves.
PoH has the pool up to stamina restore, Spirit tree (as well as spirit tree's throughout the game)
~21m NMZ Points for all imbues needed.
Membership remaning as of today (10-05-2021) - 266 days, Purchased Premier Club - Gold and it's completely going to waste.

Will be selling most likely. I don't have time to play the game any more unfortunately with starting a family and work being very demanding. Typically log in to log back out due to being bored and burnt out. I enjoy the early level grind a lot more than the late/end game.

See the Imgur link for photos surrounding the account: https://imgur.com/a/GXmcHW8


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