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[BoboMart] Hiring Workers - Skilling/Quests/Minigames - Full OR Part-time - Low deposit/Low Commissions

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Currently hiring 1-2 workers for my discord. We only have 2 workers right now so i need to lighten the load up a bit. You won't be full-time, for now, but will help take over any excess work that we have. We aren't a huge discord but we do have a steady flow of regular customers that come in, so this is perfect for people that just want a casual job to make some money on the side.

Check out our discord if you're interested and make sure you're alright working for the prices that we charge: https://discord.com/invite/bbtUqDD8mq

These are the commissions that will be taken out of your orders: (lower than basically anywhere else)

Skilling - 10%

Quests - 5%

Minigames - 5%

Account builds/Other/Misc - 10%

Add me on discord as well to discuss this further and i'll make you read through our worker rules and then go through a quick interview with you.


1. You MUST have some form of vouches, somewhere. Even if it's off of  osbot, i need to be able to see some form of verifiable vouches for you. I'm not asking for someone with a million vouches, but i want to see at least something.

2. You MUST be from either the US, Canada, or any Western EU country. 

3. You must NOT bot any jobs, ever. If found botting you forfeit your ENTIRE deposit.

You have 2 options for being a worker:

A) Trial worker where you'll mainly be filling in the gaps with smaller orders. I'll be hand picking orders for you and you'll mainly get from-scratch orders on level 3 accounts rather than orders that are on people's main/well-trained accounts. You'll still make good money, but not as much as a full worker. For a trial worker, you have to pay a safety deposit of 25-75m BEFORE you start each order (amount depends on the value of the order). You get this deposit back ONE WEEK (7 days) after you finish each order (this lets us watch for any botting bans on customer accounts, basically a cooldown period). This trial status continues for either 20 orders or until i deem you trustworthy. 

B) Full worker. You pay a one-time 150m deposit and you're good to go. This deposit is fully refundable after you complete 20 orders, or if i think you've proven your trustworthiness (whichever comes first). If you leave the service before you complete 20 orders or before your deposit is refunded, you will only receive 75% of your deposit back. 

Add me on discord please :) Bobo#9045

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