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FUKK's PowerCrabber

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🔥 BEACH or ISLAND Support.
🔥 Free spot search
🔥 Progressive mode : Trains Attack/Strength/Defence up to 75, in 10 level steps prioritizing Strength -> Attack -> Defence!
🔥 Special attack support! Human like special attack usage! It won't use spec straight after it recharged, gonna notice that in a random time between a minute and won't use it on low hp enemies. Currently 1 handed weapons only if you are using shield slot!
🔥 Only efficient spots! Than means you will not find yourself fighting 2 crabs only!
🔥 Anti crashing - will look for another free spot if somebody will train at your chosen spot for some time.
🔥 Different aggro reset locations based on your position.
🔥 Potion support - Super attack, Super strength, Super combat potion, Ranging potion.* (4) dose only. Rebanks only after main potion and it's effects are missing (Strength/Range)
🔥 Food and NoFood mode : NoFood mode is expecting you to have 20+ defence and black or mithril gear at least.
❗Uncheck NO FOOD MODE to eat food.
🔥 Your desired food to eat. Only food that has EAT option.
🔥 Script will turn off potion use of your chosen pot if you don't have it in bank.
🔥 Random camera moves every 2 to 4 minutes.
🔥 Random XP check of the skill you are training at the moment every 10-15mins.
🔥 ALL THE WAY AFK MODE - It will keep mouse off screen if script is not doing nothing but fighting.


1. - Simply get your gear on and start the script. You can start it anywhere in the world if you have visited great Kourend at least once.
2. - Select training type.
3. - Select your potion usage
4. - Select if you are using boat to reach crab island. ( Recommended )
5. -
Select other options.
6. - Type food and Weapons you will use. Food must be eatable ( no drinks ). If you have chosen NO FOOD mode you can leave it as it is!  If you haven't chosen Special Attack mode you don't need to type anything also!


  Updates :

v.02 - Fixed Ranging potion usage
        - Fixed an issue when crabs are lured out of positions and you keep resetting aggro for 5minutes till they spawn back into original position
        - Added Clever Special attack support
        - Quality fixes for banking
        - Removed 2 crab spot's at beach and 3 crab spot at island for best xp rates.


Please let me know of any bug or issue found! Here or my discord FUKK#3642

Edited by FUKK LT
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