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OSRS - Optimizations for a Rune Dragon Alt

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Hi all, I think this guide will helpful for the members of this community, as an activity I think most botters would be doing (Rune Dragon Alt), it might help to make the alt perform a little bit better. This counts for the resources gathered from the alt, and the GP/experience gained on a main with what is gained from an RDA. It can be done either in full or with minor tweaks taken from the article to notice a difference in efficiency & gain. 

If you're interested, you can read The Optimizations Of A Rune Dragon OSRS Alt for what can be processed for greater gain on a main account. 


Related reading on osbot for RDAs is at https://osbot.org/forum/topic/155526-rune-alt/ — I don't think the concept of buying these accounts is talked about enough, but I didn't want to make a thread on it to clog up the forums. 

But, in relation to this, and as the best money making method in OSRS right now— with no limit on how far it can be scaled (multi-boxing)— it would be interesting to talk about the cost of a fully ready-to-go RDA at least somewhere on the internet, given how many places there are for Account/GP Selling on Google/Discord. But I don't know.


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Thanks for the input, guys. This is for running an alt alongside your main account, not to sell. But I am still interested in knowing just how much an RDA would go for here as the account generates a lot of money, which I don't really need, but could put back into another alt to run.


And I don't feel as though the account would need to be botted. This is AFK enough to do while you play on a main. But, if you wanted to run one overnight, I could definitely see people buying your script for their own Rune Dragon Alt. 

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