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My username on here aside, I go by Tilex.  Used to be an admin on Sythe waaaaay back in the day with my buddy SMR in the programming section, quit in 2008 to go to college and I'm guessing my Sythe acc got hacked because I can no longer access it (banned lol).  I helped out with some of the programming on Autorune 2 and scripted for Aryan/AR2, but mostly I was involved with the C++ section.


Late introduction as I joined last week, just wanted to /wave because I'm bored waiting for the next osbot release.


Edit - To clarify to anyone who might be curious, as far as AR2, I sometimes would deobfuscate the client ahead of time and release my own client (unofficial) because I was interested in code interpreting at the time.  I'm pretty sure the obfuscation process is still the same as far as Jagex goes, but I'm too lazy and busy with RL right now to even check.

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