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Suggestion - option to submit ban data (cross post because it could apply to forum and client)

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I couldn't decide if this should go in forum feedback or client suggestions because it could apply to both maybe, idk I didn't sleep so I'm hazy. Stayed up setting up my first farm. 

Jagex more than likely archives the data on every account they ban and implements some kind of cross check on accounts they're monitoring before manual review, or at the very least to set flags with whatever automatic detection system they have. 


I think an option in osbot to submit a user input field detailing the ban would potentially be useful to script developers and the osbot programmers themselves. Of course with no personal data, but something like this maybe:


Account level - ##

Account age - ##

Ban type/duration - ##

What was being botted - 


Obviously these are all things Jagex would already know (I'd imagine) so it couldn't hurt to make it privately available on the forum, I'm sure. Plenty of people already make posts about their bans, this would just automate it a bit. Kind of like an error report for Google or something lol. 


Apologies if this is already implemented, I've only been using osbot for a few days. 

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