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Mirror Mode & Proxies

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Hi all,

I'm debating to run a small bot farm doing birdhouses / farming. My problem is the following:

I play OSRS on 2 accounts and I don't want to bot these accounts / get these accounts banned. So I figured using Proxies for the bots would be the way to go. However as I understand, it's not possible to run Mirror Mode with Proxies. Is this true?

If this is the case, I would have to run the bots on Mirror Mode. This would mean the bots and the accounts I play will be on the same IP. What happens if I get caught botting? Does anyone have any experience with these kind of situations? When your bots get banned, do the accounts you play on the same IP on which you don't bot also get banned?

Does anyone maybe have any other suggestions?

Also FYI, I currently have 2 accounts ready to bot. Both accounts have had a 2-day ban for botting already. I don't care if these accounts get perm banned, I just don't want my other 2 accounts to get banned.

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