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Howdy everybody!


🐍Currently have Zulrah Ready accounts for sale!🐍


Accounts will come to you with the following:


*Some Zulrah Accounts have been sitting for awhile so I will apply a fresh 16-day member code upon purchase. Accounts are currently registered to my email but can be changed to yours/removed upon request.

Currently have 🍄MMF Ready Acc's🍄 and will be stocking all weekend :)


*MMF Accounts will come to with 16-14 days of member remaining depending on when you purchase them



I am the original owner for all accounts/ the current linked email can be removed or changed upon request.

Contact me on Discord CoinMan#9594 UID 792584719640428584 for payment. Only Accepting OSRS GP and BTC.

- T.O.S. -

1. All accounts are hand trained/rested, so I am not responsible for anything that happens to the account once it is sold.

2. For payment you go first.

3. Account stats/skills/quests may not reflect exactly as shown above except for critical skills to that account type such as 60/60/60 75/75 for Zulrah etc.

4. Only forms of payment accepted are OSRS GP and BTC.

5. No refunds will be given in the event of bans or mutes.

6. By contacting me on Discord you agree to these T.O.S.

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oo/MMF Ready Stock
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