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IS there any risk in trading resources to bots when they are first created?

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I would like to skip having to write code that makes my bots generate money and go and buy supplies on their own.

Is there any risk in having an alt trade resources like woodcutting axes, fishing gear, etc to the bot when it starts so that it can just go to the bank and retrieve the gear as needed?

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1 hour ago, Molten said:

Nobody here works for jagex and then leaks their methods. 

I personally just trade to mine. If you don’t bot on your main it shouldn’t get banned and if you’re botting on your bots they will probably eventually catch bans. 

Yeah I get we don't work for jagex I was just trying to get a feel from the community based on their experiences.

I've been getting banned a lot lately but I think its because i'm botting almost entirely in Lumbridge so i've been getting lots of reports from random players.

I've been selecting areas far away from lumbridge in areas that aren't very active and it seems to be helping.

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