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I've decided to start creating some scripts for different skills - A little bit about me I've been programming for around 6 years now I'd say. Started off with Java bc I was botting on a -REDACTED- forum with their API.  Said forum actually thought it was Ok to remove everyones scripts including private scripts and make them pay again on a subscription basis. Nope Arrivederci stronzos. 

I am also familiar with Python, C# But that is pretty useless in this case.

Tell me what you guys want me to develop these will of course be free, Please no Huge projects just things which you would find useful I want to give back to such an awesome community.

I am not too familiar with the API but I am an experienced coder so it couldnt be difficult at all for me.

I will try to make each script as human like as possible with also added Anti-Ban features that I have Learned in, hopefully one day to become a part of the scripter team once I have proven myself well enough.

OSB <3

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