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Cutter's - OSRS AIO Services (Custom Accs, Powerlevelling, Questing, Minigames & Diary)

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Cutter offers 100% manually made accounts from scratch without bots. (what you request)

I can bulk supply accounts. I have alot of workers who enjoy making blast furnace accounts and more!

Add me on discord.

Discord: Cutter#9999

Discord UUID: 794202965179105300



1. I have the right to decline any order of service.
2. All services have to be paid before start of the service to me
3. You accept that breaking my rules, term and conditions can result in your contract being terminated without pending compensation.
4. Please do not log into your account(s) while i am doing services on your account(s) unless you have permission from me who is servicing your account(s), if you do not comply and log into your account while it is being trained without permission by me, i have the right to terminate your order and not provide a refund.
5. Before starting your order, I require you to remove all wealth that does not pertain to your order i.e. valuables.
6. You are required to provide the required in-game items to complete the service order.
7. I am not responsible for any infractions and/or bans on the account after completion of the service.
8. All services are hand trained using the client standard OS Client or RuneLite. I will not hold myself responsible for any infractions Jagex may impose on your account while i am active.
9. You are required to change your password after your order is done.
10. You can Cancel your Order Anytime Upon Cancellation Partial Refund can be Claimed based on remainder of order, this is to be handled by Me only.
11. I am not responsible for any loss of HCIM status or any unwanted levels gained through bugs in-game.
12. I am not held liable for any account progression lost due to rollbacks issued by Jagex.
13. By ordering a service, you are hereby agreeing to my Terms of Service.

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added a bit of info
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