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$Services done by OSBOTRutger$ Fire Capes * Questing * Skilling * Others! (Price List Included!)

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Hi guys, im a dutch guy and studying at the moment. Due to corona I only have virtual lessons so would like to offer my services to the community! 

Currently completed 4 orders already! 

Add me on discord: OSBOTRutger#7324 if u want anything done! I will probally be the cheapest on the whole site! 

Price list (Note prices can vary depending on stats/account type):

[Spoiler= 'Quest Pricelist']


A Soul’s Bane                                   2m

A Tail of Two Cats                           2m

A Taste of Hope                               5m

Animal Magnetism                          2m

Another Slice of H.A.M                  2m



Between a Rock..                            2m

Big Chompy Bird Hunting              1m

Biohazard                                          2m

Black Knights Fortress                    1m

Bone Voyage                                    1m



Cabin Fever                                       2m

Client of Kourend                            1.5m

Clock Tower                                     1m

Cold War                                           5m

Contact!                                            2m

Creature of Fenkenstrain               1.5m



Darkness of Hallowvale                 5m

Death Plateau                                  1.5m

Death to the Dorgeshuun              2m

Demon Slayer                                  1m

Desert Treasure                               5m

Devious Minds                                 1m

Doric’s Quest                                    250k

Dragon Slayer                                  3m

Dragon Slayer II                               15m

Dream Mentor                                 3m

Druidic Ritual                                   1m

Dwarf Cannon                                  1m



Eadgar’s Ruse                                   2.5m

Eagles’ Peak                                     2m

Elemental Workshop I                   1m

Elemental Workshop II                  2m

Enakhra’s Lament                           2m

Enlightened Journey                       3m

Ernest the Chicken                          750k



Fairytale I – Growing Pains           2m

Fairytale II – Cure a Queen           2m

Family Crest                                     2m

Fight Arena                                       1m

Fishing Contest                                1m

Forgettable Tale                              3m



Garden of Tranquillity                    3m

Gertrude’s Cat                                 1m

Ghosts Ahoy                                     3m

Goblin Diplomacy                            500k

Grim Tales                                        2.5m



Haunted Mine                                  2m

Hazeel Cult                                       1m

Heroes’ Quest                                  3m

Holy Grail                                          2m

Horror from the Deep                    2m



Icthlarin’s Little Helper                  2m

Imp Catcher                                      250k

In Aid of the Myreque                    4m

In search of the Myreque              1.5m



Jungle Potion                                   1m



King’s Ransom                                 2m



Legends’ Quest                                7m

Lost City                                            1m

Lunar Diplomacy                             5m



Making Friends with My Arm       3m

Making History                                1.5m

Merlin’s Crystal                               1.5m

Misthalin Mystery                           1m

Monk’s Friend                                  1m

Monkey Madness                            3m

Monkey Madness II                        15m

Mountain Daughter                        2m

Mourning’s End Part I                    3m

Mourning’s End Part II                  7m

Murder Mystery                              1.5m

My Arm’s Big Adventure                3m



Nature Spirit                                     2m



Observatory Quest                         1.5m

Olaf’s Quest                                      1.5m

One Small Favour                            4m



Pirate’s Treasure                             1m

Plague City                                        1m

Priest in Peril                                    1m

Prince Ali Rescue                             1m



Rag and Bone Man                         2m

Rag and Bone Man II                     4.5m

Ratcatchers                                      3m

Recipe for Disaster                         15m

Recruitment Drive                          1m

Regicide                                             3m

Romeo & Juliet                                500k

Roving Elves                                     2.5m

Royal Trouble                                   1.5m

Rum Deal                                          2.5m

Rune Mysteries                                500k



Scorpion Catcher                            1m

Sea Slug                                             1m

Shades of Mort’ton                        1.5m     

Shadow of the Storm                     2m

Sheep Herder                                   1m

Shield of Arrav                                 1m

Shilo Village                                      3m

Spirits of the Elid                             1m

Swan Swong                                     2m



Tai Bwo Wannai Trio                      2m

Tale of the Righteous                     2m

Tears of Guthix                                500k

Temple of Ikov                                 2m

The Corsair Curse                            1.5m

The Depths of Despair                   2m

The Dig Site                                      2m

The Eyes of Glouphrie                    2m

The Feud                                           2m

The Fremennik Trials                     2.5m

The Giant Dwarf                              2m

The Golem                                        1.5m

The Grand Tree                               2m

The Great Brain Robbery               2.5m

The Hand in the Sand                     2m

The Knight’s Sword                         1m

The Lost Tribe                                  1m

The Queen of Thieves                    2m

The Restless Ghost                         1m

The Slug Menance                          2m

The Tourist Trap                              2m

Throne of Miscellania                    3m

Tower of Life                                    2m

Tree Gnome Village                        2m

Tribal Totem                                     1m

Troll Romance                                 2m

Troll Stronghold                               1m



Underground Pass                          4m



Vampire Slayer                                500k



Wanted!                                            2m

Watchtower                                     4m

Waterfall Quest                               1m

What Lies Below                             1m

Witch’s House                                  1m

Witch’s Potion                                 500k



Zogre Flesh Eaters                          3m








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