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Add Download Tab to forums toolbar


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On top just below the osbot logo, where it says:


Home, Forums, API and Members, there should be a tab called download, it's a fast way to download the newest version rather than going to osbot.org and downloading it.


You may say I'm lazy but it'll save you a good 10 seconds. :) 


Shouldn't take long to add.

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Guest Simon

It's /donwload/osbot(version).jar

So they would need to update the link in the navbar for every release.


Haha mate your comments... Being an forum owner/administrator requires some work, updating two links every week is not going to be a "pain". In fact, if the administrator(s) was to be too lazy to updated two links, then they shouldn't run a forum.

I support.

I'd recommend a drop-down button with a list of skills/activities to the forum scrip department, making it easier to navigate for Guests (as well as for members). Also, make some competitions for script writers. That way, they will be more encouraged to write pro scripts ;) Hmm, maybe I should start my own suggestion thread :P

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