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needing some info, wondering why this is happening.

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okay so i  used rested tut islanders. 10 in total

5 accounts worked amazingly couple got banned (my fault training at sand crabs which is heavly watched and full of active players) so i was left with a few accounts. now this is what im not understanding. i did waterfall and got 1 to 30 def, activly used a script on here got me the mage requirments to do another script. am currently still using this bot and is working 8 hrs a day with breaks which is great. now i followed the same proceess with another account ( both these are on quality proxys btw) and the one account got banned using the exact same script. but he didnt have waterfall done or any stats was like a lvl 3 that i got mage to the requirement stilll on a rested acc and a fresh ip. do skill points facter into the banns? or combat level? or do you think it was a pooched ip? 

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and wuest points, or maybe its a pooched script? cause right after i used the mage script that kahl one or whatever it is. got me banned in minutes. but when i used to to level my other account ( i did 1k recoils with it to get required levels) i got the ban. i tried another thing where i used a quality ip got the mage lvl by hand then tried using the bot i am currently using on my 8hr/day acc thats working fine and Boom a ban within like 5 minutes of the script. its not the script issue cause clearly its working well on my other acc


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