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Hello, this guy scammed me for the amount of $ 160 
Your Discord: Calemne#1140
Unique ID: 618203344166453248 
Link Scammer 

2 months have passed since the service was performed, below I will attach proof of all the conversation that was made with the client, the file is a ticket from my service in Discord 



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16 hours ago, Malcolm said:

@calemneha sido colocado en TWC.


@NieveFireIVMe di cuenta de que estos intercambios ocurrieron antes de que creara una cuenta en OSBot. ¿Dónde ocurrieron los intercambios y cómo conoce a su usuario de OSBot? 

Yes, the osbot account was created weeks after the exchange, this is because we wait for a response time on this issue, we do not know how it got our discord we think it was due to advertising on other platforms. After waiting so long we googled their discord and an osbot link appeared and that is why we decided to create an account here and make a report

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