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First bot ban

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I thought the time would never come but after a very long hiatus ( I'd say at least 1-1,5 years ) I decided to pick up OSRS again.   And with that obviously comes the botting. Que failed attempt.. 

So I know that botting isn't what it used to be back in the RSBot days so I took the necessary precautions like: Mirrored mode , Premium scripts , breaks , not botting more than 6 hours a day and switching up the skills ( I did cooking prayer and construction for I'd say 1-2 hours each ). Also threw in some hand training as well. This was all on a main account with plenty of quests and 99's with no past offences.  Now I have previously botted 99 construction and 99 fletching on a similar account without problems.  

However, this time I was greeted with a 2 day bot busting ban... Total bot time? I'd say 6 hours over the span of 1,5 day.  So I knew I would eventually get caught but dang, I would've never expected it to be this quick!  

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