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Title says all


Stats - 00eca1676edbef32b4f356b02e9c1d32.png

Unique items/Bank worth - https://gyazo.com/564413d9622b6772b02d5261d0f9c998 / https://gyazo.com/3c0c8e60fac63bee31020d9b9e98b4f3 / https://gyazo.com/4dc5a6738f2b8a8b51e7695b4fc54716

Login screen - https://gyazo.com/9e84f4af4b6fc7076842cf539c5d8fac

Offences - https://gyazo.com/834d83ec72d3126b7aa435c0ed39ebcc

Quests - https://gyazo.com/65ab997a187ad99e1e5436fadb22f99e

I am the original owner of this account.

Method of payment - RSGP/BTC

Trading conditions - You go first or use of middlemen at your expense

Starting bids at 30m

Current bid 80m 


A/W 120m


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