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Heist's Cake Thief

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Heist's Cake Thief



Thieves cakes from Ardougne's baker stall.

Great for ironmen!



Automatically thieves cakes from Ardougne's baker stall.

Automatically drops anything that isn't cake.

Automatically banks.

Runs away if attacked.

Tracks runtime, cakes thieved, and thieving xp gained.

Advanced random click intervals.

Adjusts camera to find the stall.

Extremely easy to use.

Toggleable paint.

Changes window title to "RuneLite" (tin-foil hat antiban).



Start the script in the safespot under the baker.








Feel free to suggest any updates or changes.


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Suggestion: There is a cake stall, in Zeah, south of Wintertodt. Could be a nice implementation to support that location too. Otherwise an amazing script! Look forward to your future releases!


EDIT: I also believe it's closer to the bank.

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