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banned for 2 days, need some advice.

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I got banned for 2 days awhile back ago and it seemed to have been an automated ban, because I rwt'd over a 1billion coming into the account and X amount leaving the account and somehow I only got punished for the botting part.


Anyways I quit botting, but am not quite done yet as I still have intentions to RWT in the future but I need to get my account to some certain stats to maximize my income from whatever am about to do.

So I have a couple of questions to determine how I should go about doing this.


What are the likelihood of me getting caught for the RWT in beginning, it's well over 2 weeks since I got banned 2 days for botting and close to a month since the RWT happened, I should've been caught by now right?


Second question I have is, how safe is it for me to be pulling a couple more hundred mills into my account now that I have a prior botting ban on my ip?


Prior history if it helps: I do not mass bot nor do I gold farm, only 1 account on 1 ip 1 laptop, and no prior history of playing runescape before mid october.



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