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Rune Dragon is hiring workers!

Rune Dragon

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Hello, Rune Dragon here!

I am now looking for more workers! Let's work together!

Looking for quality workers only!

Looking for:
- Quester
- Skiller
- Minigamer

Looking for someone who can build accounts for me!


- Proof of jobs done in the past (this is not a must but it helps you)
- Deposit which depends, the higher is the more order you can do
- Good Runescape knowledge and experience
- Speaking english, no time for translating and explaining simple things
- Must be active on Discord, this is where we are talking
- Must play minimum 6-8 hours a day, minimum 5 times a week
- Must play legit, no botting or other macro are enabled

Please contact me via Sythe DM or on Discord:Rune Dragon#4547 (uid:
Please DM me here or on Discord with these questions answered:

Which role are you interested in?
Where are you from?
How many hours can you play? Day/Week
Past experiences/past jobs (if you have):
Amount of deposit you would pay me:

Payments via Osrs/BTC
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