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Advice for a newbie 😃


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Hey guys, I have a few questions!


before I start I am aware and prepared for bans in any circumstance.


Im looking into reducing bans as long as possible for gold farming, I’m currently looking at running just 2-4 bots to begin with. I am using 1 proxy per 2 accounts, but I am wondering. Mirror mode vs stealth injections regarding ban rates and also building accounts for my farm. Am I correct saying that when making accounts to bot on I should be trying to build it in a way a Bot wouldn’t? For example instead of going straight for the farms requirements, should I be weaving in random activities unrelated to the method? 

What about break timing while botting? Shorter play time with 10-20min breaks or longer playtime with longer breaks. What have you found that works best in terms of ban rates? 

Any advice would be fantastic thanks 🙏 

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The ban rate in mirror mode is significant lower, so in my opinion always use mirror mode.

Don't start botting on tutorial island, take care of it yourself because it is done in no time. Especially when you are saying that you want to start with 2-4 bots, since tutorial island takes about 5-10 minutes per account. In addition, try to do the 10 quests points yourself for lifting the trade restriction.

I bot for 60 minutes and take breaks for 30 minutes with random breaks on. After each run I bot a different skill or method.  In many cases a human does not train a skill straight for 4 hours.

Read this forum post, it has some useful tips: 



If you have more questions don't hesitate to send me a message.


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