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PC Basic Zulrah Accounts

Suck Jad Dry

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I am new to this forum, I am currently making a few accounts and intend on making them Zulrah farmers.

I intend on getting some of the basics:

Full Void Range + Mage, Avas Accumulator, Regicide quest line of course (will likely quest to barrows gloves in the future if requested, PC this too please if possible)

75+ Range

75+ Mage

70 Defence

70+ HP

45 Pray

Accounts would come with origional e-mails and no security questions and will 100% be hand made with no quests or skills botted.

I am aware of the rating system used on this forum and will be working toward posts, and helping others throughout my journey here.

I am wondering if there is a market for these accounts, and if so how much they go for? Like I said I am brand new to selling accounts, any feedback and/or tips towards the accounts to increase value is appreciated! But as I said, these are meant to be basic, easy to create in under two weeks of casual play (couple hours a day).

Thanks in advance.


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added Regicide Quest line, added 45 Pray
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