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Gabriel Ramuglia

"Dismiss randoms"

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I was wondering if this is causing more harm than good?

It seems to dismiss random events almost instantly, which can't possibly look like normal human behavior.

Any way to set a delay on that activity?

Also, does anyone have any random solvers so you don't have to simply dismiss 100% of these? Or at least, some idea where I would start to code my own?

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Just leave it off. If you’re doing something like fishing with people either side of you and a random event spawns and you right click dismiss it, in my opinion it looks suspicious. I don’t use it I don’t bother to dismiss randoms even when I play legit so doesn’t matter 

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It's entirely up to you. I'm telling you whats worked best for me. I would personally recommend to leave them off. Most people who play runescape today don't bother with them unless they're xp randoms like the geni or teacher. Other than that low-level ironmen use them for gems/early game gp. I don't bother to have the option to dismiss them on because I find it a waste of time when they despawn anyway after 15-30 seconds. Even more so because I think it looks suspicous if you dismiss them with 2 piles of 100+ people doing barbarian fishing with a random event on one of the piles and you manage to perfectly click the dismiss option with that many people around. Even more so because it's an XP waste :D 

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