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Selling awesome Main account sold

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Current bid 115m


Ok so As you can see above I have hidden a couple of the skills On purpouse too stop jagex banning it,
These should be treated as an "AT LEAST THIS LEVEL" ive leveled a couple of things up for the same reason.


Here is the wealth of the account there is another tab I havent bothered uploading that had stuff like quest items and cosmetics and various other nick nacks

You can see here that the account has a ton of the hard stuff too get (Actually almost all of iit) Things like Barrows gloves, Pest control armors, Defenders (Dragon obviously), Full graceful, Some marks of grace, Fighter torso, Fire cape, Imbued Slayer Helm, Pretty much all god books including zammy, Holy Wrench, rune pouch. etc etc. theres tons.

Ive done pretty much all the quests so instead of showing a pic of quests complete I just posted a picture of the ones I havent done, seemed easier.

Here is a pic of my house, I never really used it for much other than Telports and Recharging my prayer I think thats obvious lol theres a few portals and a glory on the wall.

Ive done up too HARD on the moritania and Karamja Diarys because I needed them for stuff I was doing but Ive got the stats and quests too do up too hard on pretty much all of them? Just never bothered myself to do the tasks

Here is my slayer stuff (Tasks ive got blocked and Stuff I got unlocked, I have a few tasks extended aswell but they only like a 100 points each so Havent bothered screen shotting those Kurasks etc.)

Ive got a ton of NMZ points.. Herb boxes for days and able too imbue anything you want too.

Barbarian assault here just too show ive got the 2 queen kills ness too buy anything.

There is a name change available straight away on the account
And also here is the status, it says that there is nothing active, Its odd wording though because this account has never had any black marks bans or whatever its hand done its been my main account for ages now

Ok So thats that Im selling it because im 35 now and its time too move on I mean my oldest kid is 15 lol! I just genually dont have the time too play anymore
its been a long road and Ive had a lot of fun with this game but u have too grow up eventually (Least thats what the wife says... bitch!)

In an idea world ide accept UK bank transfer only because paypal can suck a massive DI** but I realise theres a fair few people on here that arent from the UK so ill accept OSR SGP because ive got a friend I can move that too pretty much instantly for UK bank transfer

Starting bid


Auto Win


Ill probably end the auction tomorow night some time before 10pm GMT thats 25 hours from the time of this post.

Oh also I am the sole, original and only ever owner of this account and it comes with its original Email
7 year osbot member.

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15 minutes ago, dabswax said:

does the account come with the original email, an email swap, or never been registered?

Comes with the original email. I dident know you could swap it? Ide be happy too if thats what you want?

24 minutes ago, FishySkillr said:

Would you take 50m?


Would you?!

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