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For your safety from imposters please join the discord link below. [Only handled in tickets] NO PM's


1. Workers are not allowed to take work from people directly, Work will be handed out by the staff team.
2. You are not allowed to steal anything from the customers.
3. You are not allowed to drop ANY untradeables or valuable items without permission from the customer and staff team.
4. During a job you aren't allowed to stop working for extended periods of time, We want all our services to be provided as fast as possible.
5. if you cancel a job that you have already started, you refund the whole amount and you take full responsibility on either paying the customer for the time he wasted extra money, or your deposit is lost, and you may be removed from the service.
6. You may increase your deposit from the earning of ur job.
7. Your Deposit Will be lost if you do anything wrong and you may be removed from the service.
8. Ruining an account such as getting a 2 defence on a pure will have full responsibilty from you, and you will have to either pay for that compensation or come to an agreement with the customer as you take full responsibility.

9. no botting what so ever, you must update the customer with runelite screenshots either on resizable or fixed everytime, failure to do when requested will mean your deposit will be lost and no longer refundable. we may req

10. you automatically agree to those Terms when applying.


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