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Different Payment method alternatives


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Hi! I am a new member to this botting community, and i was planning on purchasing a script for4.99$. As i went to checkout i see that the only payment method accepted is Pyapal, which in my case is pretty dissapointing, because i am situated in Northern Cyprus, and we do not have paypal here, it was shut down a couple years ago, only southern cyprus still has paypal, in which i cannot access in anyway.Is there any possibility to add an alternative method? such as bitcoin,visa etc? Thank you for your time! 


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Posted a screenshot of the error
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20 minutes ago, Malcolm said:


If you go over to the Voucher thread here you can find lots of people who will sell OSBot credits for BTC/07GP and other payment methods.



ohhh nevermind i get it! Thank you for your help, i just looked into it! appreciate it

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