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☄️❤️♨️[low deposit, choose your own amount!]Hiring Powerleveler/Quester/Minigame workers⭐✅

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Hi, I'm looking for some power levelers/questers/minigame/Infernal-Cape workers. This includes all quests/skills/NMZ/Sand crabs/Diaries etc. Atm, I'm only looking to hire 1-3 people at this time, working full time. If your interested contact me.

Contact us on Discord: ShootinnStar#3712

Currently Hiring: Yes

- There is a 50-200M deposit (up to you the more you like to put a deposit the more orders you can do. Deposit IS always refundable whenever you completed all your orders/your not working on an order)
- You must be able to use Discord/Skype to contact me, we won't be using PM.
- You must be able to speak English/Dutch fluently
- You must have experience with the order you are working with (for example 1-99 Runecrafting know what you are doing)
- Whenever I give you an order you should be able to give me a quote, I won't quote the price that is your job.
- You MUST be able to speak English fluently. no Exceptations.

Terms of Service:
- You must be able to use Discord/Skype to contact me, we won't be using PM.
- You agree to get paid 80-95% of the order depending on the order.
- If you request your deposit back, you'd have to wait 2 weeks after the request to receive it.
(This gives me time to find a new worker, and get your payment ready, it could be even faster but 2 weeks is the maximum waiting time.)

- If you for any reason steal any items from the customer you will not get your deposit back and lose your job.
- Everything is done by hand, nothing with bots. Failure to do so will result in being kicked from the job and losing your deposit.
- You must always use Runelite/OSBuddy to show screenshot whenever I ask so.
- Deposit will be held onto a Bitcoin account, prices of BTC may fluctuate. So you could get more/less money depending on BTC prices.

Application form:
Which role are you applying for? :
What's your age? :
What is your Runescape experience? :
Where do you live? :
How often do you play? :
How long are you planning to work for us? :
Do you agree to my terms?

DONT post the application form here, send it to my Discord
Message me on Discord/Skype and we can talk about the job.
Discord: ShootinnStar#3712

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