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Need 1 nmz account - 25m

Ray Reddington

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Ill give you fresh level 3, you bond them and get them (unless you have rep then ill bond them Its just to prevent scammers botting them and risking my bonds) I will reimburse the bond at the end of service. 

60 att, str, def 

1-15 agility

1-36 wc

1-31 crafting

1-10 fishing 

these quests

  • lost city
  • mountain daughter
  • tree gnome village
  • vampire slayer 
  • client of korend 20% favour reward on hosidious house
  • depths of despair
  • Fishing contest 
  • Cooks assistant 
  • Dwarf RFD subquest (bank the rock cake)

30m if you paid bond, 25m if i paid bond. 

I can also give each account a bit of gold for quests etc.

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