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Question about web walking.


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The new script I'm making is complex and I was told that web walking handles some obstacle's in the players path, I was wondering if it can use things like spirit tree's, fairy rings ETC to get around faster. 

For example, I'm located in varrock square and the fastest way to walk to ardy is to go to the GE and then use the spirit tree, Does web walking do this or will you have to write the code to do that your self? An other example is I'm located at duel arena, but want to get to shilo village, fastest way is to get there with just walking and gliders ETC is to get a glider to gnome stronghold from al kharid, then a glider to karamja ETC.

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47 minutes ago, sibbernski said:

Thanks, Just tested it from a wizard's tower to eagles peak with necklace of passage and allow teleports true, It didn't use my seal of passage to teleport to the outpost, but walked all the way to al kharid then used the gliders. How do I find out what teleport's are supported and what not?

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