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Hi guys,

I have two accounts. I have a main and a Zerker. I got a temp banned on my Zerker last month. My main is clean but I can't afford to keep training legit with college and work etc. I just want to know if I bot with my main will it affect my Zerker ?. I am not botting on it but they are using the same IP plus they nearly have the same name aswell fml. I won''t be gold-farming on my main, I just want to train skills like Woodcutting and cooking etc. The bad thing about this is that my IP doesn't change, my old router allowed me to change IP by turning it on and off. I know about VPN, but the free-ones are usless.

Do you think if I bot on my main it would get my zerker perm banned ?, any advice would be great.

Many thanks guys.

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Here's an idea;

Buy a proxy, bot your main on that proxy - if you get banned

a) Your zerker is protected

b) You can claim your account was "Hijacked" on your home IP and that the botting activity wasn't done by you (;


It may or may not work, but if you do want to risk botting your main, I'd say that's your best chance of avoiding a ban.

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