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Am I ready to start botting? [READ BEFORE BOTTING]

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The point of this tutorial is to make sure that you have done everything possible to make your botting experience as profitable and as stress free as possible.


Firstly, you obviously need to have the client downloaded and your scripts added. For information on doing this please refer to link (1) at the bottom.


Secondly, please make sure that you're using accounts. To create on account on your client press the setting button in the upper right corner of your client. Refer to image (1) at the bottom for what I'm talking about. Once you go here, please enter in all of the information for your bot & click save. Please note that "experience reward" is referring to random rewards such as XP lamps. Also, make sure you're using breaks. For a guide on setting up & using breaks please refer to link (2) at the bottom.


Thirdly, I'll give you some notes on "botting smart". I would refer you to a separate thread on botting smart, but unfortunately it has been removed.


Botting smart includes a lot of things. 

  • Make sure to use breaks.
  • Every once in a while, give your account an extended break for a few hours.
  • If botting on a main account, switch up what you're botting fairly frequently (every 1-3 days) as this is not something Jagex expects from an average bot account.
  • Be careful of how much you invest into an account. I recommend never putting more than the minimum membership amount on your account. You don't want to be banned on an account after syncing $100 worth of membership pins with it.
  • Save your membership pin codes. This will be extremely helpful with recovering your bot if it is hacked. This goes for every kind of account.
  • BE AWARE that Jagex will monitor your account for up to 2 months before banning it. Just because your account is fine now, doesn't mean it's not already done for.


Fourthly, do not start botting without knowing the rules of the botting service you're attempting to use. OSbot is the best OSRS botting service, and if you get caught breaking the rules you'll end up paying to use a different botting service that isn't even nearly as good. To read our rules, please view the following spoiler.


These rules are to be followed at all times by all staff members, sponsors, VIPs, Script Developers, and all other community members. No one is above rule breaking.
Breaking any rule can cause your account to be infracted or permanentely suspended of OSBot.


1. Offensive Language/Harassment

There is to be nothing posted, said, or linked on the forum or live chat that could be seen as offensive by other members of the community. This includes, but is not limited to: 

> Discrimination in any way, including sex, religion, race or ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference, or spiritual beliefs;
> Comments intended to hurt another member;
> Any dis-respect towards other members of this community;
This rule also applies to media.

Harassing other members of the community, including staff members, is unacceptable and will result in 2 warnings point if after a verbal warning you continue to provoke/bother said individual, this includes hate threads, disrespectful PM's on the forum and skype, constant spamming on the other members topics etc...


2. Excessive Spamming

No posts to be made that is completely unrelated to the topic or does not benefit the direct cause of the topic. We are lenient and will allow joking and mild trolling, however if done excessively with absolute derogatory intent there will be punishment. 

Bumping a thread is allowed if done 24 hours after the last post. Bumping a thread before 24 hours is seen as spam and will result in a warning or infraction.

Posting a quote, without any self input is not allowed and considered as spam. Replying to a thread without giving extra value to it, is also considered as spam. For example, it is not allowed to only post 'support' at a forum suggestion, since it does not give any extra value to the thread. Double posts are not allowed, and will be removed. Excessive double posting will result in an warning or infraction.

3. Advertising

It is not allowed to post any URL to another community, commercial website, bot, or private server. Doing so will result in a warning. Excessively spamming of an URL will result in an immediate suspension of your account.

4. Personal Information/Hate threads

No personal information of other member's is allowed to be posted on the forum, even with their permission. They must post it themselves if they wish for it to be. This includes, but is not limited to: 

> Names;
> Personal photos;
> Instant Messaging;
> Phone numbers;
> Addresses;
> E-mails;
> Name relations from other communities or anywhere else;
Nothing is to be created that is directed towards a certain member or staff-member of the community in a hatred way. This will not be tolerated and will result in a suspension, if not permanent ban.


5. Pornographic Content

No media or content is to be posted containing pornographic content. This means that no nudity or sexual expression/implication is to be shown anywhere on the forum.

6. Gravedigging

Gravedigging, replying to an old thread, is not tolerated without proper reason. A post is considered as gravedigging when the last reply is atleast two weeks old.

7. Client Links

OSBot's client link is not to be posted anywhere on this community, any other community, or otherwise made downloadable without the direct permission from OSBot. This is our property, and legal action can be taken if re-distributed.

8. Script Sales

Selling and buying of scripts is only permitted through our official store. Donations for projects are allowed, however they cannot be required. It should be made clear that the donations are going towards you for development and do not benefit OSBot directly.

Private scripts are allowed if the scripter creates the script for free. Selling private scripts is not tolerated, and will result in permanent ban when caught. The creator(s) of a private script are allowed to receive donations, however, they are not allowed to ask for a donation in trade for the script.

9. Script Content

If you use someone else's work, you must have permission from them and must give full credit to their Intellectual Property. This is not just an OSBot rule, but is also illegal. Claiming someone else's script work as your own is a federal offense.

10. Malicious Content

No content that contains malware, trojans, or viruses is to be posted anywhere on the forum. This includes direct intent to DDoS another member of our community, any other community, or any other website. This will result in an IP Ban; further action may be taken, as this is also a federal offense.

11. Feedbacks

False feedback for the Trader Feedback System is not allowed. Feedback is also meant to be unique. This means that a single user can not give the same user multiple feedback in an unjust way to abuse the system. An example of this is buying/selling back to the same person over and over or trading in small increments and counting them as separate feedback. This can result in a full feedback reset or a ban.

It is allowed to receive feedback for a service, as long as the service was either paid or there was risk involved. An example for risk is doing a firecape service for someone, on an account that contains more then 1m. As we are aimed particularly at the RuneScape market, you are only allowed to give or receive feedback for graphics if there is at least $1 or 1M transacted. Any feedback given for sales that do not relate to OSBot, RuneScape, or graphics are not allowed.

If you use a middleman you may give him feedback but the middleman himself is not allowed to give feedback.

12. Market

It is not allowed to tear apart a market thread. If someone wants to sell an account for $50, then it is not needed to post things like 'too expensive, wouldn't even buy for $20'. It is rude and unwanted. If you're not interested, then simply don't reply.

Warning Table

Note: The warning table is a guideline, a moderator can adjust the points to a lower or higher amount, if he or she deems this needed.

Warning Type Warning Point(s) Excessive Spamming 1 Gravedigging 1 False feedback 1 Offensive Language / Harassment 2 Advertisement 2 Offensive Media 2 Malicious Content 10 Scamming 10


Note: The following infractions will automaticly be given by the system, when you reach a certain amount of warning points.

Infraction   Warning Points   1 Day suspension 5 3 Days suspension 7 Permanent ban 10

These rules can be changed at any time at Administrator discretion to punish you for any reason said Administrator sees fit.

Thanks for reading,
Raflesia & the OSBot team.



Fifthly, if you intend on botting with multiple accounts using OSbot you'll need to purchase VIP / SPONSOR to open more than one tab. For information on purchasing & the full benefits of VIP / SPONSOR please refer to link (3) & (4)




(1) - How to download the client & add scripts, both local & SDN with VIDEO.


(2) -  How to use breaks


(3) - VIP






(1) - 2udw51d.jpg



If you have anything at all you believe I should add, please comment below. Please like the post if it helped & I'll be sure to come out with more tutorials.


Also, if there's any guides you'd find useful, let me know in a comment or PM.






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Include links to purchasing VIP and Sponsor packages for botting on multiple instances, as that is the most effective.

Also I just skimmed through it but make sure you include that you can still get banned just because you didn't bot 2 months ago and you bot now on a main account. Never bot on any account that has any personal value to you (although if you're a serious goldfarm you don't play the game really just farm)

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Include links to purchasing VIP and Sponsor packages for botting on multiple instances, as that is the most effective.

Also I just skimmed through it but make sure you include that you can still get banned just because you didn't bot 2 months ago and you bot now on a main account. Never bot on any account that has any personal value to you (although if you're a serious goldfarm you don't play the game really just farm)



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