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Dispute: s k ii lz z


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UPDATE: This seems to have been something of a misunderstanding. Nintendo and Skillz are not likely to be the same person, he was very apologetic and his explanation makes sense. Refunds have been made to me and Browse and I am confident/happy to report this as a simple misunderstanding/mistake. I'm happy to close this dispute. I made an additional reply going more in depth as to the resolution/explanation, I just need a mod to approve that post and close the dispute.


Disputed Member: s k ii lz z / NintendoSwitch

Original Thread: 

Explanation: This one is a doozy. I bought an account from NintendoSwitch. He claimed to not be OO, he said the OO was skillz. I played on the account for about a year, grinding it up to over 2k total. Then it gets recovered (apparently by Nintendo). I contact Skillz to help me re-recover the account, which he does. He gets the account back and then gives it back to me. I sit on it for awhile and it gets recovered again. I give up on the account and let the scammer (who I believe is Nintendo) keep the account. I lost a 2k total account, the 100 mil I used to buy the account, plus 380 mil bank. 

A year goes by...I keep the account on my friends list hoping to one day see it online, because I knew that one day the scammer will sell my account to a new unsuspecting person. Today was that day. I see my old account log on, and I message him to warn him that he is playing on my old account and whoever sold it to him is a scammer. (New buyer OSBot user is Browse and he can confirm this). I talk with Browse and learn that he bought the account from skillz, the original owner. The guy who was trying to help me recover the account from "NintendoSwitch." The only explanation I can see is that he and nintendo are the same person or they were working together. My account got recovered by Nintendo, but then a year later Skillz is the one who sold it to Browse. He never tried to give it back to me. The only other explanation is that Skillz decided to recover the account from Nintendo, and instead of giving it back to me, decided to sell it. If this is the case, a good resolution would be to refund Browse and return the account to me, promising to not recover it because he would risk getting banned. If refunds are made and the acct is back, I will hold no ill will toward skillz and if he were to make good on this I would consider it even, and wouldn't push for a ban.


To summarize, My account was recovered by Nintendo, Skillz was OO, but somehow skillz is in possession of it a year later and sold it to Browse. Browse now will not play on it because it has been recovered multiple times and the risk is too high, so he deserves a refund of 150 mil. I would like the account back to use as an alt, on the condition there will be a ban if it ever gets recovered again.


Evidence: Browse and I both confirmed the email for the account is [Acc info]. I confirmed with him the various pets on the account, etc. 


Confirming how i bought it from Nintendo, and skillz affirmed he was OO.



Me talking to the hacker in game while hes on my account, trying to get into my bank (he was ultimately successful)


Nintendo selling me account on discord in 2018

I have more proof like me posting on reddit for help when it got hacked, but probably not needed to link here. I have additional chat logs if necessary of skillz helping me to recover the account to try to give it back to me. Like I said, I'm willing to chalk this up to a big misunderstanding and say everything's all good if I just get the account back with a promise that there will be a ban if it's ever recovered again, and browse gets a refund. I have been discussing this on discord with Panda and Pain and Browse, and they can all back me up on these facts.


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3 minutes ago, Browse said:

https://i.imgur.com/uaAZUB4.png (Levels when bought)

https://gyazo.com/a1b05cb4d451bd20b14efba39ace1c11 (current)

Seller Agreeing to pay xp gained  https://gyazo.com/0cde61033e40480d77e735708e7c0bd0

Needing a mod to calc the xp gained to add on to the refund.

Total xp gained is 4.5m xp, with a rate of 10gp/xp (via nmz) this will add upto 45m

So total refund amount would be 150m + 45m = 195m for you and the account back to fred

@s k ii lz z i still wanna hear your full explanation how both of them ended up with your account.

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i have sorted this out with both parties and will refund the x amount required

when nintendo switch got banned i decided to take the account back and i waited approx 1 year before putting the account up for sale 

due to the account being recovered again in the time period so it would be unsafe to resell,but in the period it was resting there were no recoveries so i put it back up for sale as no one came forward in the 1 year period i had the account in my possession before putting it up for resale

as i told cpt knuckles, he should of messaged me that the account got recovered and so i would of given back the account to him as he was the rightful owner and i did not know that nintendo sold the account on at the time as i sell accounts here and there so i don't keep track of the in depth details.


both parties are happy with the solution and i am refunding @Browse right now

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It seems as though this might have been a legitimate misunderstanding. Me, Browse, and Skillz talked extensively and Skillz was very apologetic about the mix up and was working to find a solution. Browse was refunded for the original purchase, + gp for xp gained. I am ending up with the old acct which apparently has not been recovered in almost a year. I am not going to store wealth on it, but I am happy with this outcome because I believe it likely won't get recovered again.

The explanation is that Nintendo and Skillz are not actually the same person, Nintendo scammed me and others and was banned from osbot. Skillz then recovered the account from nintendo because he knew nintendo was a scammer/banned and the account wasn't rightfully his. He apparently tried to find the owner but could not, and he waited close to a year for me to come forward and ask for the account which I never did. After so long, and selling so many accounts, he had mixed up the accounts and didn't records. 

I am feeling alright with this arrangement because I know if anything happens to the account from this point onward it would look bad for skillz as he has a good reputation here and on other sites, and cant risk that.


I'm totally willing to accept this as a misunderstanding, and I do believe him and Nintendo are not the same person. With me, Browse, and Skillz all happy with this result and satisfied, I think it would be alright to remove/resolve this dispute. 

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