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bash curl command in java (for mailinabox)


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Hello everyone, I just wanted to teach you all how to post an email to a mailinabox or any other need you may have for bash scripting :)


String command  = "curl -X POST -d email="+email1+" -d password=(custom pass) --user (user and pass for mib) https://box.(your domain)/admin/mail/users/add"; 
Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command);


I will be replying to this with how to set up mailinabox

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For mailinabox setup, all you need is a VPS with usually 1cpu, and 1gb of ram. I personally use Digital Ocean for my VPS.


First step, is to create a droplet, and make sure it's ubuntu 16+.


After that, it is super easy to setup, connect to the VPS, I always use a OTP that is emailed to you. Then once, you receive that, paste it into the PuTTY window and and set your new pass.

A small note about PuTTY is that right click is paste. Don't CTRL+V for this, just right click after it asks you for your password.

Then after that, follow this guide.


If you encounter any issues, reply to this post and I will help you :)

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