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Programming to a PLC?

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Hello everyone!


I have a quick question for anyone with PLC knowledge, I am currently doing a project at college and i want to be able to communicate to a PLC using a GUI that can send variables to a PLC, all i want to know is if it is possible to communicate using rs-232 using java, C or something?


Basically it gets information from the GUI which is then sent to the PLC to use?


Thanks in advance biggrin.png



EDIT: also would it be possible to receive variables then send them to a server to a PLC to read?

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well, Java tries to be hardware independent because its goal is to work on all systems easily, unless the you make your own API for your controller then it's probably not possible. C might be able to do it but you have to remember that these are high level languages, if you want to program this you'd most likely need to use assembly or basic, you should be able to search what brand of PLC you have and you will find what language to use

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