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Where is OSBot/Data/map.zip hosted?

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Hi there, first post here :)

I understand that the first time OSBot runs, it needs to download webwalking data before launching the OSBot client. I've noticed it places this data into map.zip under the Data directory, then unzips it into map.bin.

My question is: from where does map.zip come from? I'd like to load+unzip it using a shell script. Is it packed in a JAR or downloaded, and if it is downloaded from what URL? Or is it something else?


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Update to this: I reached out to the developer explaining my situation. In a nutshell, this data should not have to be loaded in any other way other than through the boot UI.

In other words, the "-You must update Web Walking through the Boot UI." message shouldn't be showing up when you launch with --allow nointerface through the CLI. For now, I'll have to stick with manually grabbing map.zip/map.bin from a manually opened version.

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