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Bulk service required

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The following is needed on at least 40 accounts:

Tutorial Island

15 agility

35 crafting

40 slayer

15 thieving

35 woodcutting 

44 prayer

75 range

40 defence


Nature Spirit

Ernest the Chicken

Priest in peril

The restless ghost

Haunted mine + Tarn lazor mini quest

Animal magnetism

Any NMZ quests 

Other things required: 

1.45m NMZ points. 


These will be rested for 3 days to make sure no bans.

Payment per account is 45m, you will be paying for supplies. These are to be done by hand, if you're working on 5 accounts and one of them gets banned, i will not pay for the other 4 even if they remain un-banned because nothing guarantees that you haven't botted the other 4.

If you dont like these terms, dont post or you will receive a warning for spamming. If you'd like to discuss any specific terms, you can either PM me or add my discord: Decode#2806 to discuss, do not clog up the thread with questions.

Please post time-frames you're comfortable with and i will be picking the best suitors. 


Payment: 45m per account


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