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Price check on 54 Combat - 84 agility

happy Rasta

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Well first off, you need a tad bit of reputation and a minimum of 100 post in order to sell on here. But as far as what the value on that account is, i'd probably estimate it around 50-65m, just because of the fairly high agility and magic.

Does it have any quest done? Do you have full graceful? Any wealth in the bank at all? Whats the bank value at? Does it currently have any membership left? Does it have any black marks or bans on it? (proof with pictures)

All of these things contribute to the price really, if you don't have any, you are looking at the 50m range, if you have full graceful and perhaps at least a good 30-50 quest points, it may be closer to the 65m range. There's a lot of variables that play into an account.



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