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getCamera().moveYaw(n) docs are wrong, or there is a bug


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Go to these docs and search for "moveYaw".

Clearly it says:

Will always return true since the camera is asynchronous!

It also specifically says to use 0 for NORTH:


Rotates the camera yaw to the specified angle. Compass upside pointing to NORTH = 0, SOUTH = 180, WEST = 90, EAST = 270;

In my code, I do the following:

paint.state("Moving camera north...");

if (!moveCameraNorth()) {
    paint.state("Failed to more camera north.");
    return false;
private boolean moveCameraNorth() {
    return getCamera().moveYaw(0);

I see this in the logger:


[INFO][Bot #1][05/10 02:45:44 PM]: Moving camera north...
[INFO][Bot #1][05/10 02:45:44 PM]: Failed to more camera north.

Why does this happen? Completely goes against the documentation. There is no stack trace or any other error, just my own logs.

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