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The Corsair Curse
Misthalin Mystery
Pirate's Treasure
Witch's Potion
X Marks the spot
Animal Magnestism
The Ascent of Arceuus
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Plague City
Clock Tower
Cold War
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Death Plateau
Death to the Dorgeshuun
The Depths of Despair
Eagle's Peak
Enakhras Lament
Enlightened Journey
The Feud
Fishing Contest
The Giant Dwarf
The Hand in the Sand
The Golem
Shadow of the Storm
Sheep Herder
Underground pass (80 agil)
Regicide (80 agil)

Paying in 07.

Looking for this to be done as a job lot, with completion within 5 days.

Most of these are noob quests, so shouldn't take long.

Send me your prices & etas on Discord, thank you.


Discord: JUST1N#8376


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