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Combining servicing and botting

Valiant One

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26 minutes ago, Valiant One said:

Did anyone had experience with hiring people through training service (to do some things that are hard or inconvenient to bot) and then proceed to bot the account?
Will Jagex notice different computer being used? What was your experience with the workers?

you should always bot with a proxy, so it doesn't even make a difference

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Jagex does see this indeed. They recently said it is OK to share an account as long as this doesn't have a negative effect on the game... So if you're doing construction and smithing, it's your best bet... double money making on 2 different ip adresses day and night is asking for a perma ban?

Edit: Those who think, "burhhh"... Do you even watch the life streams and updrates of the game?! lol

However, goldfarming and negatively influencing the game with your account, and have a playtime of 16h+ a day is total safe, yea sure... go ahead!

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