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Trouble declaring an area.


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Hi all. 

didn't have this problem in the past but now when I try make a new area it says the constructor is undefined. I have the correct imports. 


I declare the area like so:


public static Area anArea = new Area(2519, 3578, 2522, 3581);

but get this error:

The constructor Area(int, int, int, int) is undefined

something really simple I'm sure but I can't figure it out. Cheers.

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1 hour ago, HunterRS said:

Show the imports

Make sure you have osbot's JAR added as an external lib


import java.awt.Graphics2D;
import java.awt.Rectangle;
import java.awt.geom.Area;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.GrandExchange;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.Prayer;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Position;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.Bank.BankMode;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Item;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Player;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.ui.RS2Widget;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.ui.Skill;
import org.osbot.rs07.event.WalkingEvent;
import org.osbot.rs07.input.mouse.InventorySlotDestination;
import org.osbot.rs07.input.mouse.RectangleDestination;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.ScriptManifest;
import org.osbot.rs07.Bot;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Position;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.ScriptManifest;

and the Jar is 100% added 

I tried important another area import earlier & I remember it just bringing up errors. I'm sure this will be the issue but cant figure it out 

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