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AIO Ultimate Enchanter


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Hello! Ever wanted to be able to make 100k+ magic xp and 400k+ gp an hour? This is a simple way! 

Currently, it supports all jewelry types. I am looking for people to test it out and find errors and make suggestions.Hopefully  I can release this on the SDN when I feel it has enough features.


  • Choose type of jewelry to enchant.
  • Choose between, Staff, Battlestaff, and Mystic staff.
  • Basic paint with info



Current issues:

  • Must start near bank

Things to add:

  • Add icon and better paint(PM if you can help)
  • Buying and selling automatically

Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions/concerned.

I can't seem to imbed images :(


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37 minutes ago, Juggles said:

You need to first apply for Git, be approved, release a free script on the SDN, wait 30 days and then pass a test with a 100% to get Scripter2 before releasing a premium script :) 

I'm aware, thats why I'm taking some steps. I'm most likely going to end up releasing this one free so I'll change that.

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