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Does adding ram to a bot decrease cpu usage?


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I have a 32GB server able to handle 45 bots easily. But they are all set to -mem 900

My question is, if I pay extra and get 64GB of ram, then allow -mem 1500 - does this mean I can run more bots, or is CPU usage not really affected if I give them 900MB of ram?


Note: my server regularly goes into Swapping memory (around 10GB)

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Messaged on Discord, but memory management hits your CPU more if you aren't effectively managing memory or you're imposing a very low ceiling on the bot. Letting the bot use as much memory as it needs (assuming you're not doing stupid shit) should decrease the overhead of things like garbage collection.

It's worth noting that this is really empirical and should be fine-tuned based on optimization.

Decrease the number of bots you're running from 45 to say 20 and increase the memory ceiling. Play with that for a while and observe the CPU impact per process. Try and increase / decrease the number of bots and the memory you allocate for each bot.

It's really an experimental process and is generally not so easy to predict.

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