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Help!! Discord ? VIP


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Hi I am trying to chat in discord but it does not give me permission.. Started OSRS again & was hoping to get my lvl 3 to max with botting. Is this possible if I bot 4-8 hours a day? Also thinking about purchasing VIP .
I also dont seem to understand what mirroring is. If someone could clear that up for me that would be great !!
Thanks - AGO

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So basically what Mirror mode is, you run the original OSRS Client and launch up OSBot and run it with Mirror Mode, it'll then attach itself to the OSRS Client and bot via that rather than OSBot's Stealth Injection client. I only ever bot using mirror mode as I'm alot more successful with that than Stealth.


Not sure why you can't talk on the Discord though, maybe you need to be verified first. You can do that by posting your Discord user here;



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