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Money-making info/tips?

Scape Legend

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Hi all. I'm a recently return OSRS player. My account is only about 3 days old and I don't run the bot all day. The only stats I current have are: 52 ATK , 48 STR , 40 DEF , 46 HP , 7 FISH , 5 CKNG, 3 CRFT , and 8 PRAYER. Because I haven't played in so long, I have forgotten the ways of the game, if you may lol. I just wanted to know if anyone could provide me any tips or information on how to run my funds up, through botting or whatever it may be. I'm dedicated, so any replies would help! Thanks guys and gals ?

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I have some tips/advice  

1) Don't bot on your main account, have a account you enjoy playing on. Find a build if you like pking or just play when you feel like it
2) If you continuously bot on an account it will eventually get banned 100% so don't be surprised when it happens

3) If you want to bot for gp, make sure you check comments of scripts. Sometimes it can be a good indicator on whether the bot is broken or has a high ban rate.
4) (also relates to #3) if you wan't to make a bot farm start off small, and do lots of tests before you invest heavily into things, my advice would to try out some f2p bots and make a couple and see how you go. Then as you get more knowledgeable you can start looking into high profit bots but remember bots like this usually need quite an investment to be able to make a decent amount of profit. 
5) I wouldn't recommend botting more than 6 hours a day, and make sure you use plenty of breaks


Thats all I got for now, good luck

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2 hours ago, 194m said:

Could create some hunter bots or air orb bots to start with.

I like the idea . In my experience in the earlier years of rs and even since I have returned, I am yet to expand my overall experience in the game such as delving into those skills lol . It's time to expand and have some fun. I mean that's what gaming is all about right? ?

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