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Weekend ban rates


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Hi guys, quick question about ban rates on weekend.

As I read you could have botted from friday evening (if in UK time) till monday morning when Jagex start working, but now I see that from March Jagex has designated employee whom manually bans on weekends his twitter https://twitter.com/jagexacorn?lang=en. Can any one share their experience how suiciding botting on weekends changed? Are you still able to bot through friday evening to monday morning with low ban rates?

Thanks :)

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I have tried suicide botting over the weekends before and I was successful, in the sense that none of my red chin bots got banned even though I botted like 16 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On I think it was Monday or maybe Tuesday all 4 of my bots were banned. The next weekend I tried again and 3 out of 4 bots were banned after the first like 8-10 hours on Friday. That's just my one experience with suicide botting, I never really do it apart from that one time.

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