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Fatigue system in scripts

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Reading through Alek's post, one thing that bothers me is that he mentions that a fatigue system, among other things, is useless to implement in a script.

To ensure we're talking about the same thing: I envision a fatigue system as something that gradually decreases the efficiency of a script as the play duration increases. Someone 30 minutes into mining is not going to be as efficient as someone 3 hours into mining. Moreover, nobody is 100% efficient for any meaningful duration. In other words, nobody is going to be able to always click the next rock spawn the instant it spawns for hours on end.

The other methods he outlined -- mouse.moveRandomly(), stat hovering, camera.moveRandomly() -- I understand as being mildly silly.

Along with a fatigue system I was going to attempt to randomly include a minor break system -- something that attempts to mimic the way humans naturally have distractions. Bathroom breaks, mom calling, whatever..


TL;DR: Nobody is 100% efficient for hours on end, and I would be surprised if efficiency isn't a factor in determining if an account is a bot. Why is fighting this useless?

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