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1b+ order fresh to 2k pest control points. HAND DONE

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you will be provided with a fresh account. 

  • you complete tut island bond the account YOUR BOND (this is to prevent people botting.) 
  • splash to 13 magic
  • complete waterfall  
  • vamp slayer
  • tree gnome village  
  • 1-15 agility + 1 lap (extra lap is needed for 18 later) 
  • client of korend reward 2x lamps on agility for level 18, 20% favour on hosidius house  
  • depths of despair quest (unlocks private underground sand crabs so less crashing) 
  • 30-65 str at crabs 
  • 37-60 attack at crabs 
  • 1-60 def at crabs 
  • mountain daughter
  • restless ghost (this will give you 70+ combat unlocking the middle boat at PC)
  • 1-36 wc
  • 1-31 crafting
  • lost city (unlocks dds very helpful for pest control)
  • 2000 points at pest control 

60m each (55Mish profit)

20 needed. (Ill use multiple workers so each user can do 1-4 at a time) 

1.2b budget 

skype live:chuckle00

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5 hours ago, Kristapp said:

Can this be quested?

  • 30-65 str at crabs 
  • 37-60 attack at crabs 
  • 1-60 def at crabs 


7 hours ago, Twisted Staff said:

all this work for 60m? 50$ lolz without botting LOLLLLLLLLL

most of its afk, it can be done in the back ground while playing a main 

or you can do multiple builds and get 2x or 3x pay for little extra work. but yeah mainly aimed at poor countries where 50$ is alot of money 

On 11/9/2018 at 4:40 PM, Perryy said:

I can help, not sure if I am allowed to with current postcount. 

wanna make a few?

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